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Employee accused of stealing fabric in Dubai


A salesman has gone on trial accused of stealing 2,400 pieces of fabric worth Dhs500,000 from his employer.

The 28-year-old Indian salesman denied the charge when he appeared at Dubai Court of First instance. Prosecutors said the 50-year-old Indian owner of the fabric shop in Bur Dubai was checking stock when he discovered that many pieces of fabric were missing.

The owner said in official records: “I noticed that many pieces of different fabric were missing from the store worth Dhs500,000. There were different kinds of fabric, including silk and those used in making abayas. Our fabric is unique as it has our logo and only we trade with it”.

The owner started searching other shops and found that stores in Dubai and Ajman were selling the fabric.

He then informed Dubai police, the court heard. Officers started an investigation and questioned the shop owners who were selling the fabric.

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The court heard that the owners told police they got the material from an Indian salesman.

“We arrested the man and he claimed that he bought the fabric from the defendant”, a 32-year-old Emirati policeman said in official records.

Dubai Police believe that the man on trial stole the fabrics and started selling the material to the second salesman, who then sold the stock on to various shops. The second salesman identified the accused, who was arrested.

“I suspected my salesman of the robbery”, the shop owner said, alleging that he “took the store’s keys and stole the fabric and then sold it without bills”.

Presiding judge Mohamad Jamal adjourned the case until later this month to prepare the defence. The accused will remain free on bail.

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