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The task and role of combing preparation


Abstract: (1) Preparation of combing The fibers in the combing sliver are disorderly arranged. Most of the fibers are bent at one end or both ends. If the comb is directly combed on the combing machine, it is easy to comb. Break the fiber or turn the spinnable fiber into a drop. At the same time, the cylinder needle(1) Preparation of combing tasksThe fibers in the card sliver are disorderly arranged, and most of the fibers are bent at one end or both ends. If the comb is directly processed and combed on the comber, the fibers are easily combed or the spun fibers are dropped. cotton. At the same time, the carding resistance of the cylinder needle is large, it is easy to damage the needle, and a new nep is produced. In order to meet the requirements of the comber work, improve the comber production and save cotton, the card sliver must be prepared before the combing to produce a good quality roll suitable for combing. Therefore, the function of the combing preparation process is:(1) Increasing the straightness and parallelism of the fiber to reduce the fiber damage of the combing machine and the breakage of the comb, reduce the content of long fibers in the cotton, and save cotton;(2) Make small rolls with accurate quantification, tight winding, neat edges, clear layers and uniform longitudinal and transverse layers of cotton, for combing machine processing, and make the clamping jaws hold evenly and reliably.(2) Combing preparation machineryThe combing preparation process is generally composed of four types of machinery, namely, a pre-drawing machine, a strip winding machine, a draw frame machine and a strip-and-roller combination machine. The pre-drawing machine is a draw frame used in a general spinning system, and the other three machines are special equipment for the combing preparatio...

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